Maki Motapanyane, PhD



 Dr. Maki Motapanyane, Associate Professor of Women's and Gender Studies at Mount Royal University.  

Research and Publications: I conduct research on the history of women's social movements, feminism in Africa, 'race'/racism and popular culture, Hip-Hop culture, stand-up comedy, motherhood and lone parenting, and institutional diversity, equity and inclusion.

Teaching: Subject areas in which I teach include feminist theory, gender and international development, transnational feminism, women's social movements in history, gender and nationalism, eco-activism in the global South, feminism in Africa, Hip-Hop culture, and colonization/decolonization.


Motapanyane, Maki, ed. Motherhood and Lone-Single Parenting: A Twenty-First Century Perspective. Bradford: Demeter Press, 2016. 


 "This collection represents a significant contribution to the contemporary study of lone mothering, especially through perspectives that celebrate this experience and point out its unique parenting benefits, as well as those that reframe our understanding of single teen mothers. The essays in this volume lay the foundation for a more nuanced and multifaceted exploration of single motherhood in the 21st century."

-Tatjana Takseva, Department of English and Women and Gender Studies Program, Saint Mary's University, Canada. 

"Maki Motapanyane brings together an outstanding collection of essays to explore our fastest growing family form: the lone parent - usually lone mother - family. This exciting volume showcases a diversity of scholarly methods and disciplines - including media studies, women's studies, auto-ethnography, sociology and policy studies - to analyse mothering. The stand-out contribution here is the emphasis on diversity and the associated critique of heteronormativity with reference to two-parent families, though also, more interestingly, in relation to lone parents themselves. Here we see lone mothers as in internally heterogeneous group. This volume is essential reading for all who are interested in the rise and diversification of lone mother families."

-Petra Bueskens, Honorary Fellow, The University of Melbourne. 


Badruddoja, Roksana and Maki Motapanyane, eds. "New Maternalisms": Tales of Motherwork (Dislodging the Unthinkable). Bradford: Demeter Press, 2016. 


 This rich collection draws together accomplished motherhood scholars across disciplines to raise new questions about how we define and understand global motherhood. It gives voice and new perspective to maternal figures previously less recognized in academic reading. Most importantly, the global perspective explored in this book will raise awareness about the challenges of understanding motherhood both as an experience and a discipline." 

-Laura Tropp, Professor, Marymount Manhattan College, author of A Womb with a View: America's Growing Public Interest in Pregnancy. 

Motapanyane, Maki, ed. Mothering in Hip-Hop Culture: Representation and Experience. Bradford: Demeter Press, 2012. 

"Thoughtfully compiled, beautifully written, and deeply theorized through a lens of feminist praxis, this collection features contributions by some of today's brightest scholars. It is a must read and must teach for Women's and Gender Studies, Hip-Hop Studies, and every other study that wants to get at the heart, soul, and materiality of mothering within and beyond hip-hop."                                                      

          -Rachel Raimist, pioneer Hip-Hop feminist filmmaker, Associate Professor,  Depts. of Journalism and Creative Media, University of Alabama.